Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week 2011

National Entrepreneurship Week begins February 19th, and is designed to celebrate and recognize the contributions of entrepreneurs as well as nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.
Revitalizing rural America requires us to encourage entrepreneurship, stimulate innovative community development, and open up new opportunities for farming and ranching enterprises.

That's why the Center for Rural Affairs is  celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week by hosting MarketPlace 2011, to provide networking, information and entrepreneurial skills that empower everyone to succeed.

MarketPlace focuses on the role of entrepreneurship in revitalizing rural communities. Entrepreneurship is a driving force of Nebraska's economy. Since the inception of MarketPlace in 2007, a total of 342 jobs have been created each year with the help of MarketPlace participation (http://files.cfra.org/pdf/MarketPlace-Effects-2010.pdf). That's well over 1,300 jobs in total.

MarketPlace features strong, hands-on learning opportunities for potential and existing business owners including farmers, ranchers, store front or home based business owners, women owned businesses; community leaders; and youth interested in entrepreneurship. Attendess will participate in teach-ins focusing on finance, marketing, community capacity, innovative farming and ranching opportunities, small business development and much more. Attendees are guaranteed to come away from MarketPlace equipped with strategies on how to grow or start their own business.

MarketPlace will be held in Kearney, NE at the Ramada Convention Center on Tuesday, February 22, and Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

Other entrepreneurship opportunities are available through the Center for Rural Affairs and other service providers. Many of these will be on exhibit at the conference. For more information visit http://www.cfra.org/marketplace/home.

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