Making Health Insurance Work

Why is buying health insurance so difficult? It shouldn’t be, but right now it is nearly impossible for the average Montanan to tell which health insurance policy is best for their family or business.
Health insurance plans aren’t easy to compare and a lot of the fine-print doesn’t allow for an apples-to-apples comparison, leaving the consumer without the information necessary to make a truly informed decision.

A bill in our state legislature (HB 124) would create a marketplace, or “Exchange” where Montanans could easily compare rates, benefits, and quality among different health plans.  Consumers could go online or visit with an Exchange representative face to face.  Qualified consumers could also access Medicaid or any other programs through this marketplace.

The Exchange concept is a popular, cost-efficient way to get critical information to the consumers, and this bill is a Montana solution for Montana consumers. Something as important as the struggles our communities' are enduring under the weight of rising health insurance costs and how individuals can be empowered to choose between increasingly complex and confusing health insurance plans should not fall victim to petty partisan politics, especially here in Montana.