Nebraska Producers, Get Rewarded For Your Innovation

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development has announced a new pre-application process for a popular rural development program in the state. The Department is offering to pre-screen grant applications for the Value Added Agriculture (VAA) grant program. The process involves submitting one copy of the completed pre-application by Friday, October 1, 2010. These can then be revised and submitted by the final application deadline of Thursday, October 14, 2010, along with the required number of additional copies.
Final applications going through the pre-application process will receive helpful feedback plus 10 bonus scoring points.  It's important to note, however, that submitting a pre-application doesn't guarantee funding.

The grants are for Nebraskans and designed to support collaborative development among farmers and ranchers; the start-up and growth of value-added agricultural enterprises; and growth of rural communities and regions.  The maximum grant request is $75,000.

Producers needing planning or working capital funds to move their value-added ideas forward should check out the State of Nebraska's Value-Added Agriculture grant. Individuals interested in applying for a grant should not hesitate as the deadline is quickly approaching and the process can be extensive.

For more information on the VAA grant and how to apply, visit:  For more information or to see examples of how Nebraskans have utilized VAA grant fundes, visit: or contact Wyatt Fraas at (402) 254-6893, or