Off the Grid

On July 23rd and 24th the Renewable Energy Fair will return to Northeast Nebraska. The Center for Rural Affairs sponsored the first Renewable Energy Fair in Hartington, Nebraska in 2008.
That event was such a success; we decided to bring it back right here in our hometown of Lyons.  It promises to be, as Robert Byrnes of Nebraska Renewable Energy Systems put it, an event that will forever change the way people look at and think about energy.

The event begins with the Renewable Energy Bus Tour on July 23rd, with participants visiting nearby locations where renewable energy systems can be seen in action.  On Saturday, attendees will learn about energy conservation, small and utility-scale wind projects, USDA programs and funding opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, advanced technologies, cutting crop inputs and livestock feed costs, school wind projects, and energy safety as well as observe biodiesel being made at Nebraska Screw Press.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has heightened already growing concerns about our energy future.  We all want to do something about energy costs and our nation's energy future.  Sometimes, however, we need to see ideas in operation and hear the experience of others before we can put our own plans in motion.  And that's why everyone should attend the Nebraska Energy Fair.

Plus, if you stick around a little longer, you can enjoy a street dance hosted by Lyons' own Fallout Bar with music by Off the Grid (no, I'm not kidding).

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