Reform Brightens Rural America's Future

It would be an understatement to say that the health care reform debate was contentious. Recent polling shows that about half the country wanted to see the bill become law and about half did not.
At the Center for Rural Affairs, we don't determine our positions on important rural issues based on popularity.  We know, from experience, we must stand up for rural America, not just when it is easy and popular, but also when difficult, and even controversial.

We supported health care reform.  Although we never felt alone in that endeavor, we've taken some heat for it.  But we've made new friends and allies too and strengthened relationships with those who've been with us for a long time.

That's not, however, why we support health care reform.  We support reform because rural America needs it.  If Congress had failed to act, our research tells us that by 2019 one in three rural Americans in towns of 2,500 or fewer would go without health insurance.

Health care costs have shackled rural small business owners and their employees, not to mention rural America's self-employed - including family farmers and ranchers.  We champion health care reform because the independence and entrepreneurial spirit of rural America's farmers, ranchers and mainstreet businesses are the economic lifeblood of rural America.  We strive to build a future for rural America with vibrant rural communities and thriving family farms and ranches. Health care reform was a crucial step in making that vision a reality.