Renewing Rural America

Rural Americans are their own best, and fiercest, champions. Rural people know the hopes and dreams of their communities as well as the challenges they face in making their vision a reality. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to find resources for rural revitalization.
The Center for Rural Affairs created an online resource called Renew Rural America ( and is filling it with resources, news and information that rural residents can access and utilize in providing leadership to their communities' revitalization efforts.

The Renew Rural America webpages focus on three key strategies: encouraging entrepreneurship, stimulating innovative community development, and generating new opportunities for farming.  Readers can find up-to-date news on these ideas as well as research and resources for business, agricultural and community leaders.
The section on community development, for example, has a page devoted to rural grocery stores, with news, information and resources on how to open or sustain a store in a rural community. There is information on rural broadband internet, rural schools, libraries, and an entire section on getting started in farming and ranching that offers information on high-value markets, financing strategies and farm bill programs for beginners.

Rural people know that the solutions to the challenges their communities face will come from our country roads and rural mainstreets, not Washington and Wall Street.  We encourage everyone to access the resources on Renew Rural America and we invite you to share a story about your community and your rural revitalization leadership to inform and inspire others.