Health Care Reform - My Neighbors Deserve Action

I live in a rural community with fewer than 1,000 people, which means that if I still have health insurance at the end of the decade, statistically speaking, one of my next door neighbors won't. If Congress fails to act on health care reform, rural Americans will suffer, especially those living in and around rural America's smallest communities.
According to a recent Center for Rural Affairs' report - Why Health Care Reform Can't Wait:  The Benefits of Health Reform for Rural America - rural Americans are more likely to be uninsured, underinsured and purchasing health insurance on the individual market than our urban cousins.  The report concludes that in small towns with fewer than 2,500 residents, as many as one resident in three will be uninsured by 2019.
Lower average incomes, greater likelihood of self-employment, less preventive care and generally poorer health among rural Americans make their need for health care coverage even more stark - hence the need for reform.
After all the rhetoric and political posturing, the health care debate comes down to real lives and real people.  All of the unique rural challenges faced by rural Americans and their communities that the Center for Rural Affairs has highlighted will only get worse if Congress fails to act on health care reform.  When I look out my kitchen window I cannot help but think, my neighbors deserve better... they want, need and deserve Congress to take action and move health care reform forward.

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