Meeting Family Needs Through Entrepreneurship

Faced with a common dilemma of needing to generate more income on one hand, and also needing the flexibility to be there for their children on the other, a good number of women realize that self-employment is their best option.
This year a special focus at the MarketPlace conference is women in business. Women Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of what it takes to start a business and be successful.

During the 2010 MarketPlace in Kearney on February 23 and 24, one of several sessions for women owned businesses, "What Flew What Flopped," will demonstrate which female ventures worked and which didn't.

Three women business owners will candidly share their stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly with business ownership.  From a home-based business to retail to agriculture, participants of this sessions will find out what businesses flew and what flopped.

Other session topics for women business owners include gaining government contracts, defining markets, and balancing business and life.

MarketPlace is an event focused on energizing small businesses and rural communities. The conference features strong, hands-on learning opportunities for potential and existing business owners including on and off farm/ranch, store front or home based, women and Hispanic owned businesses; community leaders; and youth interested in entrepreneurship. Numerous sectors of businesses and organizations regularly attend from Nebraska and other states. Attendees are guaranteed to come away from MarketPlace equipped with strategies on how to grow or start their own business.

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