The First Conservation Stewardship Program Sign-up: What Was Your Experience?

Over 21,000 farmers and ranchers have submitted applications to enroll nearly 33 million acres in the first sign-up of the Conservation Stewardship Program. This broad interest means that competition for a contract will be stiff, especially since the Natural Resources Conservation Service is limited to 12.8 million acres for each annual sign-up. At the Center for Rural Affairs, we want to ensure that the farmers and ranchers with the best stewardship on working lands rank among the top. And we created our Farm Bill Helpline - (402) 687-2100 - to help farmers and ranchers work through these applications and to learn from their experiences afterward.
If you signed up during this first round, give us a call and share your CSP story.  We want to learn from your experience with the Conservation Measurement Tool, which will determine your eligibility, ranking and ultimately your payments.  It is important to understand how it works and if there are problems that need fixing.  If you haven't run your operation through the measurement tool yet and would like to know more, contact our Farm Bill Helpline.  Or, give us a call once you've been through the conservation measurement process and share your experience and ideas for improvements or necessary changes.

And remember, if you did not sign-up during this first round, the program offers a continuous sign-up process and your application will be considered in the next ranking pool.

For more information, contact Traci Bruckner and the Center's Farm Bill Helpline by calling (402) 687-2100, or go to the CSP information on our website at

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