Time Is Running Out To Sign-Up For The First Round On CSP

Farmers and ranchers have an excellent opportunity to qualify for the new Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) if they act before September 30, 2009. That is the deadline to sign up and be considered for ranking in this fiscal year. And this is the year to get into CSP. The competition this year won't be as stiff as it will be in coming years as more and more farmers learn about the program.
For those of you who remember the Conservation Security Program (the old CSP passed under the 2002 Farm Bill and implemented on a watershed basis), consider this - in this first year alone almost as many acres will be enrolled in the new CSP (roughly 13 million acres) than over the entire previous five years (17.5 million total).

Enrollment for the new CSP is nationwide, and the program is not limited to certain watersheds.

The CSP rewards farmers for maintaining existing conservation practices and for adopting additional practices on cropland, grassland, improved pasture, rangeland, non-industrial private forestland and tribal lands.  A supplemental payment will also be made for those willing to adopt resource conserving crop rotations. This program pays producers for clean water, better soil management, improved habitat, energy efficiency, and other natural resource benefits.

To learn more about the Conservation Stewardship Program, including how to get signed-up, contact the Center for Rural Affair's Farm Bill Helpline by calling (402) 687-2100, or go to the CSP information on our website at http://www.cfra.org/csp-new-improved

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