Health Care Debate is Hot in August

August -- A time for barbecues, corn on the cob, and Congressional visits.
Wait, Congressional visits? That's right! Every year, members of Congress go on vacation in August and visit with folks in their states. This summer, health care is the hottest issue faced by Congress.
Rural Americans know that our current health care system is not working for our communities. And rural people know we need to fix the system.
Health care reform needs to work for family farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Reform must reintroduce competition in the health insurance market and should bring us lower, more affordable costs, more choices, and coverage rural America can count on.

Your representatives are holding town hall meetings this month. You can attend one of their meetings and urge them to pass a bill in September that includes provisions to help rural Americans. Reform should offer more affordable health care options to help family farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners overcome high health insurance costs. It should also provide incentives to attract and keep medical providers in our rural communities. Reform should fix payments for Medicare and other public plans so that they fairly compensate rural hospitals and doctors, and it should expand prevention programs that provide incentives to improve health and fitness.
To find out whether your Senators or Representative is holding a meeting near you, call their district office or watch for newspaper announcements.

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