Join Us At the Midwest Rural Assembly

Action alerts, calls to Congress, letters to the editor, guest opinions, townhall meetings... these strategies and more are used every day, across the country, to shape legislation. How is someone from the rural Midwest or Great Plains supposed to make their voice heard in the midst of all of that?
On August 10 and 11, in Sioux Falls, SD, the Center for Rural Affairs and 26 other rural organizations will offer Midwest Rural Assembly participants the opportunity to share resources and strategies for rural revitalization, talk with policymakers about important rural issues, meet other rural leaders, and begin building a regional network to advance policies and initiatives that can help revitalize communities in the rural Midwest and Great Plains.
Center for Rural Affairs organizers will conduct innovative workshops on rural health care reform and help participants learn to expand their impact in working with the media.  If you have ever wondered how to make your voice heard in Congress, at USDA or in your state legislature this is likely to be an event you won't soon forget.

Keynote speakers for the Assembly include Dallas Tonsager, Under Secretary for Rural Development at the USDA; Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State of Minnesota; Maxine Moul, Nebraska State Rural Development Director; Elsie Meeks, South Dakota State Rural Development Director and more.
You can register ($95, including meals), book a hotel room or preview the program by visiting or contacting Center for Rural Affairs Organizer Virginia Wolking at or 402.687.2103 ext 1017.

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