Rural America Needs A Public Health Insurance Plan

The current health insurance system does not work well for many rural people and businesses. They pay too much for too little coverage and too little peace of mind. Health care reform that is based on the current system does little to address the unique issues faced by many rural people. Why should rural people be satisfied with maintaining a system that does not work for millions of them without significant reforms? A public health insurance plan option is simply that - a choice that addresses many of the health insurance issues and barriers faced by rural people, families and businesses.
Whether or not to include a public health insurance plan in health care reform legislation as an option for individuals, families and businesses is a crucial decision. With the many health care challenges facing rural people, Congress' decision will have significant consequences for rural America, and we have much to gain or lose.

The potential strengths of public health insurance plans are what many rural people and businesses need-stability and cost controls while providing health insurance access to vulnerable populations like low and moderate-income families, small business employers and employees and the self-employed. A recent Center for Rural Affairs report examines some of the arguments for a public health insurance plan, how the plan would address the health care challenges that exist for rural areas, and, ultimately, why the choice of a public health insurance plan option is needed for rural America.

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