Job Lock Phenomena

Someone once told me that work is not fun, that's why it's called work. This person was stuck in an unsatisfactory job that they kept only because it provided health insurance. They aspired to start their own business, but it was too risky.
The lack of affordable, quality health insurance is the primary barrier to entrepreneurship reaching its potential for rural people. The cost of health insurance prevents small businesses and entrepreneurs from expanding their businesses and creating jobs; the cost of health insurance makes it less likely for rural small businesses to provide health insurance to their employees, affecting the health of their employees and making it more likely they will seek employment in urban areas.  Health insurance costs also affect the dreams of potential rural entrepreneurs, delaying or killing an idea by making it too risky for one to leave employer-provided insurance at a current job, the so-called "job lock" phenomena.

The rural economy is based on entrepreneurship, both agricultural and non-agricultural. Entrepreneurs add jobs and create wealth. Spurring innovation and job creation in rural communities through entrepreneurship is the key to revitalizing rural communities and ensuring Rural America's long-term future.
Properly developed and administered, a public health insurance plan could provide an affordable and quality choice to benefit the entrepreneurs of rural America. It would provide a coverage option that does not currently exist for rural small businesses to provide health care coverage for owners and employees, and for rural families that are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

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