North Dakotans Have a Say in Health Care

At recent community health care forums in Mandan, Harvey and Hillsboro, North Dakotans agreed: now is the time for health care reform.
Luckily for North Dakotans, Senator Kent Conrad, is playing a key role in the health care reform debate. As Senator Conrad searches for solutions to rural America's health care challenges, he needs to hear from rural North Dakotans.

You can make a difference by calling or writing to Senator Conrad today.

Rural people know that our health care system can work better. Health care reform will also spur entrepreneurial rural development and stimulate our economy.

Owner-operated farms, ranches and small businesses dominate the rural economy. Reform must provide options, including a public health insurance option, for small businesses and their employees. Rural America also needs health care reform that provides quality, affordable options to everyone, treats rural providers fairly and creates incentives to keep our doctors, nurses and other providers in our small towns.

When you write to Conrad, write about your own experiences with health care.

Help us track our progress toward health care reform by emailing ( or calling (402-687-2103 x1014) to inform us that you wrote.

Find more information at: or mail your letter to Senator Kent Conrad, U.S. Federal Building, Room 228, 220 East Rosser Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501.

Senator Conrad is the Chairman on the Senate Budget Committee, the committee that controls the money needed for health care reform. That means North Dakotans have a powerful voice in this debate.

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