Angel Goes To Washington

Angel Mae Romero-Kiester, a restaurateur from Lyons, Nebraska, recently spent several days in Washington, DC with health care reform advocates from all 50 states. They rallied on Capitol Hill for health care reform. They attended an ABC News moderated conversation with President Obama about the future of America's health care system. And Angel lobbied our Senators and Representatives on the importance of reform, including a public health insurance option, to rural Nebraskans - farmers, ranchers and rural small business owners in particular.
Angel and her husband Nathan recently opened a restaurant called Cravings on Lyons' main street.  But affordable health insurance has been an issue from the beginning.  So much so that they were not able to add Angel to the health insurance policy purchased for her husband and their son.  A so-called pre-existing condition made coverage for Angel so expensive that the new business simply could not sustain it.
Upon her return, Angel told me, "Sadly, my medical story might be unique, but my health insurance story is all too common.  More and more farmers, ranchers and rural small business owners are finding their insurance premiums simply unaffordable.  That's why I went to Washington, to impress upon our elected officials the importance of creating a public health insurance option - the importance of reform - to my family, my business and my community.  And that's why I'm going to keep speaking up and getting more business owners involved, because in Washington they need to understand how important this is to our survival."

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