Davids Defeated a Real Goliath

JBS the Brazilian meatpacker that has quickly become a dominate player in the U.S. beef sector, announced that the company will cease efforts to acquire National Beef. In March of 2008, JBS announced its intention to acquire National Beef.
Thousands of family farmers, ranchers and other concerned citizens signed the Center for Rural Affairs petition against the JBS mergers and reached out to the Justice Department to urge them to challenge the JBS mergers.  Justice responded by filing suit in federal court in October, 2008, challenging the JBS - National Beef merger in court on grounds that the merger reduced competition in cattle markets.

The Center for Rural Affairs is proud of our efforts and of all our friends that stood with us on this. Many people have told us numerous times that nothing can be done about these mergers. Well, they were wrong. Family farmers, ranchers and rural communities won... JBS lost.

And all those Davids defeated a real Goliath.  JBS is the world's largest beef producer and packer with a daily slaughter capacity of 65,000 head of cattle. They are the largest global exporter of processed beef. Their operations include 22 plants in nine Brazilian states, six plants in Argentina, nine plants in Australia, and 10 plants in Italy. In the U.S. they boast a daily beef slaughter capacity of 28,100 cattle, Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, and a lamb slaughter plant along with three pork packing plants with a daily slaughter capacity of 47,900 hogs.

For more information: http://www.cfra.org/competition

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