Get Youth Involved With The Community

Young entrepreneurs are often overlooked in community development. Entrepreneurship is one strategy with the potential to bring back the young to rural communities that few development strategies have. Surveys of high school students in Nebraska, for example, found that up to 80% would like to own their own farm or business.
On February 25, 2009 in North Platte, Nebraska during the Marketplace Conference, 24 year old Jonathan Patton, CEO and Founder of JM Web Designs will educate and inspire area entrepreneurs with his story of hard work and success.

Patton started his business at the age of 14, working individually out of his bedroom, but has grown it into a thriving business with over 15 employees and an international clientele base.  His most recent accomplishment came in December of 2008, when Microsoft traveled to Omaha to film a case study about Patton and the JM Web Designs team.  Microsoft did this to highlight a successful business that uses their products and services, but Patton is excited to see the benefits of a strategic partnership with the large corporation; for him, the future is truly unlimited.

We need to include youth, listen to them, encourage entrepreneurial training, create an entrepreneurial environment and remind them that we'd like them to come home again some day.

Community leaders and educators should invest time into entrepreneurship training and education. They will have an excellent opportunity to do that at the MarketPlace conference.

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