The Future of Our Communities is in Our Hands

Entrepreneurship and microenterprise are crucial to the future of rural communities throughout America, and especially in Colorado. That is why we are putting so much effort into growing the Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace, the entrepreneurial development fair that will be hosted in October, 2008.
The Center for Rural Affairs' report on microenterprise ( found that industrial business recruitment does not meet the needs of many rural communities; entrepreneurship is a model that better serves rural people and rural places.

Marketplace will provide an opportunity for rural people from across the region to come together and share the spark of innovation and entrepreneurship that can revitalize rural small businesses and entire rural communities if given the chance.  Marketplace will provide information and training for everyone involved in community development, from those who are starting their own business, to lenders, developers, public officials and others who want to help them.  And it will be a great place to find a fresh idea, or perhaps some guidance from someone who has already been down the road you are on now.

MarketPlace will be held in La Junta, Colorado at the Otero Junior College on Friday, October 10, 2008. It will offer informational sessions focusing on financing, marketing, community capacity, innovative agricultural opportunities, small business development and public policy.  

Register now at and be on your way to facilitating and nurturing the growth of your community!

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