The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

T Boone Pickens' came to Nebraska last month to talk about his plan to reduce Americans dependence on foreign oil by developing wind farms across the plains. Boone's plan could be a boon to rural communities.
But Nebraskans need to take wind development more seriously. Right now Nebraska ranks 21 in the nation in using wind energy with only 73 megawatts installed, but Nebraska ranks sixth in the nation in wind potential, with 868,000 megawatts /hour potential.
To put it into better perspective, Texas, the state with the second-most wind potential has 5,317 megawatts installed right now. Iowa and Minnesota, both states with less wind potential than Nebraska, have nearly 1,300 megawatts of installed wind capacity each.
Nebraska Public Power District has for the first time set a goal to produce more wind energy, which is a good start, but not enough.
Wind can provide an enormous economic benefit, particularly to rural areas.  A wind turbine factory in Pipestone, Minnesota (pop 4,000) employs 500 people and has an estimated $15 million payroll.
When these wind turbines are locally owned vs. owned by outside investors, they deliver more jobs and more local area dollar impact. 
Nebraska's power system is governed by an elected board. Contact Nebraska Public Power board members or your local public power board members and urge them to increase wind power production in Nebraska. Visit to find your statewide representative.

Attend Nebraska’s first Renewable Energy Fair to learn more about what you can do:


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