Give the Gift of Knowledge

Entrepreneurship is vital to rural Colorado’s growth and prosperity. Most of the new jobs created throughout the United States in the past decade have come from the creative efforts of entrepreneurs and small businesses.
More than 70% of young Americans envision starting a business or doing something entrepreneurial as adults.

Encouraging youth to be excited about entrepreneurship and working to expand the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Colorado’s youth and adults to be successful entrepreneurs are crucial to the long-term growth of local communities, the state and the nation.

Too many rural communities are forced to accept out-migration, and too many rural residents face a choice to move or settle for low wage jobs and making long commutes for work. Entrepreneurship is a solution to these challenges.

It's also the strategy that has the capacity to bring young people back to rural America – including those who obtain higher education. 
On October 10, 2008 the opportunity exists to participate in the first ever Colorado Entrepreneurship MarketPlace. 
If you know of an individual or individuals that should be able to attend this rewarding and educational event, scholarships are available. The scholarship provider will be appropriately recognized in the MarketPlace program. 
Offering scholarships for this event is an excellent marketing tool for you or your organization. There will be an array of professionals, businesses and organizations attending this event. Those interested in giving scholarships should act soon to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  
For more information visit: or call (303) 934-9117.


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