Elite Rural Program – Rural Enterprise Assistance Project

Nebraskans have many reasons to toot their own horn, but now they can also claim to have one of the most elite rural development programs in the nation.
The Center for Rural Affairs’ Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) is the largest full service microenterprise program in Nebraska and is one of the largest rural entrepreneurial development programs in the nation.    
In just the last year over 1,226 people in Nebraska have received entrepreneurial assistance from REAP, including 379 Latino entrepreneurs. Out of those receiving assistance, 74.1% were low to moderate income individuals.  
REAP was also responsible for 72 loans, 47 being REAP Total Loans totaling $474,691 and 25 REAP Leverage Loans with over $1,127,250 being loaned from other sources due to the assistance of REAP. 
In the last year 214 business plans have been completed, and 353 new jobs created.  
These jobs and businesses not only help the business owners, but generate income and new jobs for the entire community.  
Small self-employment businesses are at the core of the economic activity in rural Nebraska.  REAP's work centers around four components: technical assistance which includes business planning and trouble shooting consultations, financial and cash flow budgeting, and loan packaging assistance; a micro loan fund; networking; and business management training.    
If you are thinking about starting a small business, or if you already operate a small business, REAP services could benefit you.

For small business success stories and assistance visit: www.cfra.org/reap.  


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