Make the Difference and Stand Up for Rural America

For decades, corporate mergers in agribusiness have proceeded, virtually unchallenged, at breakneck speed.
All who live in rural America are paying the price for inaction by USDA and the U.S. Department of Justice. Corporate consolidation and vertical integration have decimated family farmers and ranchers and destroyed their livestock markets.
On March 5th, JBS-S.A of Brazil announced the acquisition of National Beef, America’s fourth largest beef packer, as well as the Smithfield Beef Group. If approved, the three largest packers will control 73% of U.S. beef packing, JBS will own one third.
JBS has risen meteorically to become the largest cattle feeder and beef packer in the U.S. There is no indication that the Justice Department or USDA will do anything about it.
Will you?
Farmers, ranchers and rural communities have lost too much of the economic benefit of raising cattle and hogs. And we will all be left to endure the environmental nightmares that accompany the industrial livestock production owned and controlled by packers.
For 35 years the Center for Rural Affairs has stood with family farmers, ranchers and rural communities throughout rural America. We have fought for reform…competitive livestock markets, a ban on meatpacker ownership of livestock, and payment caps on farm subsidies…all to stop the corporate takeover of agriculture.
Rural America’s future can and should include thriving family farms and ranches and vibrant rural communities.
Stand up for rural America and go to and tell the Justice Department to stop the JBS merger.


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