Opportunity Available to Secure Rental Farmland

Higher land costs and skyrocketing cash rents create challenges for farmers and ranchers, especially beginners, who need land, but cannot afford the expense.
In 1978, there were 350,000 American farmers under the age of 35, by 2002, that number fell to fewer than 70,000. Without strategies to foster a new generation of family farmers and ranchers, rural America will continue to decline.
New Spirit Ventures is a new company searching for such strategies. They are looking for sustainable and organic farmers who want to secure rental farmland. The company will set up long-term leases for farmers who agree to use environmentally sound farming practices.
Robert Karp, New Spirit owner and former Practical Farmers of Iowa director, announced the project saying, “The program is designed to help the best of our pioneering sustainable/organic family farmers succeed.”

The goals of the program are to:
• Foster the viability and growth of farmers and ranchers committed to organic and sustainable agriculture;
• Preserve farmland and strengthen the economic, social and ecological health of rural communities;
• Create a community of interest among farmers and investors committed to the values of environmental sustainability, farmland preservation and healthy food.

The company is looking for farmers in Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota with at least 5 years experience. The Center for Rural Affairs is helping spread the message.
June 15th is the pre-application deadline. Interested producers should contact Robert Karp at nsv@centurytel.net or 262.642.9672 or the Center for Rural Affairs at (402) 687-2100.

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