Celebrate National Student Leadership Week

This week (April 13th – 19th) is National Student Leadership Week. In honor of the celebration several Nebraska communities have kicked off the week with special activities geared toward young leaders.
The Mayor of Plainview made a proclamation declaring the week of April 13-19 as leadership week in Plainview. They also invited Michael Karpovich, a nationally recognized consultant and speaker on youth leadership to speak to students and their Plainview Academy of Leadership (PAL).

The Plainview Academy of Leadership (PAL) is a program recently initiated that will develop skills that can be used to help with leadership in the community. The leadership academy will focus on areas such as servant leadership, transformational leadership, civic responsibility, policy literacy, ethics in leadership, intergenerational dialogue, leading change, and other areas.
Hartington, NE also participated with various leadership activities.

Both of these communities are developing leadership academies for their school systems. By allowing youth to have an active leadership role in our communities and to express their ideas in making our communities better, we are taking a fundamental step to youth retention and community revitalization.

These two communities should serve as role models for other communities.

If you are interested in starting such a program or learning more contact Michael Holton with the Center for Rural Affairs at (402) 582-4915 or email him at michaellh@cfra.org.

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