Protect Our Rural Communities

In the coming weeks, the Nebraska Unicameral will have the opportunity to restore the protections of Initiative 300, Nebraska's landmark constitutional amendment to protect family farms and ranches.
I-300 stood as an expression of the people's will for twenty-five years, strongly embracing family farming and ranching, and our small towns. Initiative 300 was approved by a strong majority of voters in 1982 and stood until the fall of 2006, when a federal judge ruled I-300 unconstitutional - overruling the people of Nebraska. Legislative Bill 1174, introduced by Senator M.L. "Cap" Dierks and cosponsored by six of the eight Agriculture Committee members, will put back into law I-300's protections while addressing the issues raised by the court. Time and again, research has shown that rural communities surrounded by family-scale agriculture are better off than those surrounded by corporate mega-farms. That's just common sense. And our government gives advantages to corporations and other businesses. Chief among those advantages is "limited liability"- which allows such owners to avoid responsibility for their debts and liabilities of their business to neighbors and those with whom they do business. Family farms are more responsible community members, and better stewards of the land. We can't allow corporate farming, whose only concern is the bottom line, to gain an unfair advantage over Nebraska's family farms and ranches. 

Contact your State Senator and tell them to honor the principles of I-300 and protect our rural communities:  Vote YES on LB 1174.

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