Creating Opportunities

As a young mother I know that even with two steady incomes from my husband and me, it can still be difficult making ends meet. We are not alone. There are many families that have two or more jobs and still struggle to adequately provide for their family.
For three consecutive years, Nebraska has ranked number one in the U.S. for the number of children living with working parents, yet child poverty increased by 50% in just five years (Annie E. Casey Foundation, National Kids Count Data Book, 2007).

Recently the Center for Rural Affairs along with other leaders in the nonprofit, business, human service and philanthropic fields came together to form a new initiative called Opportunity@Work.

Opportunity@Work is a coalition of organizations working to enhance Nebraska’s workforce by supporting programs and initiatives that create opportunity for working families to achieve financial stability, contribute to the prosperity of local communities and strengthen the state’s economy.

The programs will help educate people on personal finances, and improve their economic stability.

Employers can also benefit from these programs by cutting down on employee absenteeism, boasting profitability, improving and enriching the communities in which they own businesses, and bolstering the economy of the state.

It’s crucial for the long term health and viability of rural communities, that we continue creating opportunities, generating wealth and building assets for individuals.

Anyone interested in the financial stability of Nebraskans, should become involved in Opportunity@Work by visiting:



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