Teach a Young Entrepreneur and They Will Eat for a Lifetime

This year the Center for Rural Affairs helped the communities of Albion and Fullerton apply for a Building Entrepreneurial Communities Act (BECA) grant. The purpose of BECA is to support economically distressed rural areas of Nebraska through grants that will create community capacity to build and sustain programs to generate and retain wealth in the community and region.
These two communities will use the BECA grants to send students, teachers, and community leaders to MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success. The conference offers educational, and varied hands-on programs designed for entrepreneurs of all caliber.

Entrepreneurship is a strategy to reverse depopulation in rural communities, a strategy that has the capacity to attract and retain young people to rural communities. When asked, many youth indicate that they would like to own their own business.

Recently in the news was the story of 17 year old Nick Graham from Truman, MN (population 1,259). Graham bought the towns’ only grocery store which had recently closed. He is successfully running and managing the store while still attending high school. Graham is now a hero for saving the town’s only grocery store and providing Truman citizens the luxury to shop at home.

There are most likely many "Nick Grahams" in our communities -- imagine what it would be like to empower them to assume leadership roles. MarketPlace and BECA are helping arm the Nick Grahams of Nebraska with the essential tools to do just that.

For more information visit: www.cfra.org/marketplace/home

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