Communities Empower Entrepreneurs Through MarketPlace

Small business drives job growth and economic development in rural areas. Several rural Nebraska communities have been proactive in assisting their small businesses and entrepreneurs.
My hometown of Imperial offered scholarships to attend MarketPlace to any individual in the area who either owns or is considering starting a business. The scholarship covers the cost of registration, fuel, hotel and meals.

Albion and Fullerton are using Building Entrepreneurial Communities Act (BECA) funds to send students to MarketPlace to help with youth retention in their communities.

Providing someone the chance to attend MarketPlace is both an opportunity for the individual and an investment in the community. When the participant returns from the conference they will have gained extra knowledge and the tools needed to improve or start their business successfully.

Entrepreneurial and small business development serves rural people and rural communities better than industrial business recruitment because in most rural communities small businesses create most of the jobs, up to 70% in some rural areas.

More towns should follow in the footsteps of Imperial, Albion and Fullerton and invest in their future by offering scholarships to their entrepreneurs and youth to attend MarketPlace.

MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success will be held in Columbus, Nebraska at the New World Inn on Wednesday, February 27, 2008. It will offer teach-ins focusing on financing, marketing, community capacity, innovative agricultural opportunities, small business development and public policy. Several sessions will be taught in Spanish.

Early bird registration ends January 27th. Register at .


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