Get to Know the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Advisory Committee

Recently the Center for Rural Affair’s own Traci Bruckner was appointed to the Beginning Farmer and Rancher advisory committee. This is her second term on the committee.
The purpose of the committee is to advise the Secretary of Agriculture on methods to assist beginning farmers and ranchers secure financing, increase the number of beginning farmers and ranchers, and other ways of creating farming and ranching opportunities.
Nearly one-third of farmers and ranchers are 65 years of age or older. The fastest growing age group of farmers and ranchers are those 70 or older, the fastest declining is those 25 and younger.
“The Beginning Farmer and Rancher advisory committee has provided the Secretary of Agriculture many meaningful recommendations. Entering farming and ranching is tough, but there are also great opportunities. Today’s beginning farmers and ranchers are more diverse and have different challenges and needs than previous generations. It’s the role of the committee to have the foresight as to how these challenges can be addressed by the Secretary to enable these beginning farmers and ranchers to enter the business and capture present opportunities,” said Traci Bruckner.
Not enough people know about this committee and its purposes. People who are concerned about what the future holds for beginning farmers and ranchers should get to know nearby members of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Advisory Committee, share ideas about helping the next generation of family farmers and ranchers, and be a part of the process.

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