Stand Up for Family Livestock Producers

In a world where meatpackers own all the livestock, there is no room for family farmers and ranchers. Meatpackers own livestock in order to manipulate markets – killing their own animals when prices are high and buying from ranchers when prices are low.
Moreover, packers give sweetheart deals to giant, industrial livestock operations that threaten family farmers and ranchers, the rural economy, the environment and our rural way of life.  This manipulation has driven thousands of family livestock producers out of business – victims of the raw market power exercised by packers and vertically integrated, industrial livestock facilities.

To provide family farmers and ranchers fair access to competitive livestock markets, the 2007 Farm Bill now before the U.S. Senate contains a ban on packer ownership of livestock.  The Senate bill will also end the sweetheart deals between packers and giant industrial livestock operations.  Family farmers and ranchers have proven, time and again, that they can match and exceed the efficiency of the packers’ industrial operations.  But they need access to competitive markets to survive.

Senators representing the interests of big corporate meatpacking companies want to weaken livestock markets even more.  They will try to strip the packer ban from the Farm Bill, along with other provisions that would strengthen competition in livestock markets.

Tell your Senators that the packers have too much power.  A ban on packer ownership is good for farmers, ranchers, rural communities and the environment.  Ask them to stand up to the packers, and speak out for rural America.


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