Will Your Senators Remember Rural America?

Will your Senators remember your voice when they vote on the farm bill? Will they remember your community? Will they think about the future of rural America?
One hundred Senators will debate the farm bill on the floor of the Senate next week.  They will vote on the central issue of farm bill reform… capping the unlimited farm payments that subsidize consolidation and drive family farmers out of business.
The single most effective thing the Senate can do to revitalize family farms and rural communities is enact the Dorgan-Grassley payment limitations amendment that will close the loopholes and end the million dollar subsidy checks (www.cfra.org).
Some Senators will shill for the interest of the nation’s largest farms.  Some will fear a challenge from the corporate special interests that dominate too much of American agriculture.  But many will stand up for rural America; many will stand up for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities.
So these questions remain, what will your Senators do?  And what will you do to make sure that they remember rural America?  If you make your voice heard today, if you let your Senators know that if they stand up, rural America will stand with them, then all of America will win.
Speaking out is easy, simply call 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senator.  Urge them to support real reform in the farm bill – the Dorgan-Grassley payment limits amendment.  If you have called or written before, stand up again.  If you have not, now is the time.


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