Neighbors at Work to Build a Strong Rural Community

More people are recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship to revitalize rural areas. That’s why the MarketPlace conference and the people who support it are vital. MarketPlace focuses on building jobs and the rural economy from within.
“In our search for ways to energize rural economies we have begun to recognize our entrepreneurs as a hidden resource that needs to be focused upon and empowered. MarketPlace is a tool to help those wonderfully resourceful rural people we call entrepreneurs to be successful and to reach their goals and potential,” said Rex Nelson, McCook Economic Development Corporation and MarketPlace board member.

MarketPlace will be held in Columbus, NE at The New World Inn, Wednesday, February 27, 2008. For more information: .

“I believe that small rural communities offer the best learning environment for my kids and offer abundant opportunities if a few essential tools are made available. Some of those tools, including information and names of contacts will be offered at this year’s MarketPlace Conference. I believe that those attending this conference will be given some of the tools necessary to ‘Open Doors to Success,’ ” commented Kent Neumann, Loess Hills RC&D and MarketPlace board member.

Rex and Kent represent just two of the many MarketPlace board members who live throughout Nebraska. This board and their affiliated organizations or businesses should be commended for their dedication toward the MarketPlace conference. Their support and expertise makes this conference an outstanding event for Nebraska residents building the state from within.

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