That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

The people that strive to make a living off the land and the people striving to make a living in communities surrounding the land endure many hardships, but we are a determined bunch and know the joys of living in a rural community outweigh the struggles.
That’s why at the Center for Rural Affairs we fight hard to support family farmers and ranchers; to support rural development and we are determined to provide the next generation with the opportunity to live a better life in rural America.
Even though rural schools provide higher graduation rates, legislatures pressure small schools into consolidation. Sustainable family farms and ranches provide a safe and healthy food supply yet the farm bill has historically provided larger subsidies to the nation’s largest farms that in turn will acquire more land at the expense of their smaller neighbors.  Savings from farm payment limits could be invested in efforts such as the rural entrepreneurial development initiative currently being debated in Congress (micro-businesses, those with 5 or fewer employees, account for over 60% of non-farm jobs in rural areas).
The first step toward facing any challenge is to be informed. The Center for Rural Affairs’ website and newsletter are great places to visit for further information as the final debate over the 2007 farm bill approaches.
They say that which does not kill us makes us stronger…well we’re still here and as more people join the fight for the future of rural America, we persevere and grow stronger. 

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