Turning the Page, Not Closing the Book

Initiative 300 has been a crucial part of retaining more Nebraska family farmers and ranchers, especially livestock producers, than other states without the same protection against corporate farming and vertical integration. But the courts have overridden Nebraska’s anti-corporate farming law, passed by a vote of the people in 1982.
Instead of throwing up our hands and accepting our fate, this may be the most important time for all Nebraskans to voice their hopes and concerns about the future of family farms, ranches and rural communities.

Ideas about creating new economic opportunities in rural Nebraska, in farming, ranching and on rural main streets, are always needed.  The Legislature is looking and listening for ideas on ways to move beyond the overturning of Initiative 300.

In 2007 the Nebraska Legislature enacted Legislative Resolution 93, introduced by Senator Phil Erdman, to obtain ideas and public comment on how to respond to Initiative 300 being declared unconstitutional in federal court.  Initial public meetings for this interim legislative study are being held August 27, 28 and 30 in Norfolk, Lincoln and Scottsbluff.  To find out more about these and future meetings or to share your comments visit: http://www.cfra.org/I300/meetings or call 402-687-2100.

If you have ideas about creating a better future for rural Nebraska with greater economic opportunities for all who live there, make your voice heard.  Together we can avoid the path that leads to depopulation, decline and desolation.  Together we can choose a path that ensures a better future for our children as well.


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