Crisis in Rural America

There is a crisis in rural America. There were 350,000 farmers under the age of 35 in 1982; today there are fewer than 70,000 (only 8% of all farmers).
Most young people are leaving their rural towns and not coming back.
The current rural circumstance affects more than farmers; it affects grocery stores, supply stores, schools and many, many others. For every six farmers who leave the land, one main street business shuts down. Many of rural America's Main Streets are drying up
It's frustrating to see the community you love; perhaps the same community you were raised in and are raising your children in, suffer. It's especially frustrating when you think there is nothing you can do to change it. But you can do something!
The single most effective thing you can do to make a difference is to make your voice heard.
During the month of August Congress is in recess. Most representatives will be holding listening sessions with constituents. Attend these sessions and share your concerns about the farm bill, in person, with your elected representatives.
Visit to see more information and a schedule of meetings in your state.
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