Speak Up; One Voice Can Make a Difference

The 2007 farm bill, the flagship of rural public policy for the next five years, is in the final turn. The farm bill passed by the House of Representatives on July 24th will weaken family farms, worsen farm consolidation and accelerate rural population loss.
During the August recess, Senators and Representatives will travel their states and districts meeting with voters and discussing pressing issues. This presents an opportunity for family farmers, ranchers and rural people to discuss the future of our rural communities, face to face, with elected officials that will make many decisions in the coming months that directly impact our lives and communities. Ask Congress to focus the 2007 farm bill on real solutions and real reform – effective farm payment limits, beginning farmers and ranchers; conservation on working lands; value added agricultural development; rural entrepreneurship; and reforms that breathe life and competition back into livestock markets.

Let them know that they can revitalize family farming by limiting the subsidies that mega farms use to bid up land costs and drive their smaller neighbors out of business.  Let them know farm payment limits will save money that can be invested in the future of rural America. 

If we expect our elected officials to remember us and our communities, then we need to tell them our stories.  We need to discuss the challenges that our communities face, and real solutions as well.

Visit www.cfra.org for Center for Rural Affairs’ 2007 farm bill proposals and ways to make your voice heard.


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