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Many rural communities are suffering these days. It’s not an uncommon sight to see businesses closing and residents moving away to bigger towns in search of work. Communities, their residents and leaders, sometimes think that the answer to reviving their main streets is recruiting big business. But industry comes and goes, and it’s not uncommon for a recruited business to abandon a community, leaving individuals jobless and the town in despair.

Entrepreneurial development has shown to be one of the cornerstones to successful and viable communities. The community is a critical component of entrepreneurial success. There is a sense that entrepreneurship is an individual activity - however, when communities become involved better jobs and benefits are the result. On February 28th in Kearney, Nebraska during the Marketplace conference, Dr. John Allen, Director of the Western Rural Development Center at Utah State University, will educate community leaders and developers on the importance community plays and the steps that must be taken to support small business development. John’s current professional activities focus on rural community development, entrepreneurial communities, and natural resource management. His in-depth community research has spanned the nation, and he continues to examine how communities develop assets to create positive futures. Dr. Allen has over 100 publications including journal articles, technical reports, books, and book chapters.

Community leaders and community developers should invest time into entrepreneurship training and education. They will have an excellent opportunity to do that at the MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success conference.

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