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Kansas, Continue Wind Energy Leadership

Expanding wind energy has brought fantastic opportunities to Kansas. Rural Kansas has often been the recipients of this boost, with the industry bringing new income to farmers and ranchers that host projects, and also reinvigorating small towns by providing new economic opportunities.

Landowners have benefited from lease payments, and local communities have enjoyed new revenue generated by turbines. Investment in wind energy has provided these communities the chance to improve local roads and schools, while also creating over 12,000 jobs in the state.

Wind Gives Small Towns a Boost

The wind energy industry has been a big boost to communities across the country, providing a new income source to farmers and ranchers that host projects, reinvigorating small communities by providing new economic opportunities and funding for fire and police departments, schools, infrastructure, and other public services.

State renewable energy standards and the national Production Tax Credit (PTC) have been major drivers of wind energy development in the US.

USDA steps up for Small Farmers

On March 10th, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced changes to the Farm Storage Facility Loan program that will benefit the growing number of smaller farmers seeking to access opportunities in local and regional food system growth.


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