Raúl Arcos Hawkins
Raúl Arcos Hawkins
Business Development Specialist

Growing up in rural Nebraska helped me see the immense value and benefits of small town living. I enjoy the atmosphere of peace and quiet, knowing who your neighbors are, and taking time to do things that one often takes for granted in a metropolitan city.

Serving the Grand Island, Nebraska, area with business development and technical assistance services gives me the opportunity to get back to rural living while helping entrepreneurs by sharing some of the knowledge I have acquired in my business experiences over the years. I love to teach and mentor, to provide the same opportunities a mentor once provided me, to learn how to run a business successfully.

Outside of work, I love to read and enjoy quiet time at home, when I'm not volunteering. I’m a stress baker, so usually family, friends, and coworkers get plenty of baked goods from me. I also have three cats.

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