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Recent posts by Molly Malone

After pandemic hits close to home, cafe owner contemplates changes

Coffee talk that once revolved around the weather and crops has evolved to include the latest COVID-19 numbers and milling over who got it and how they are doing. When one of the two regular employees at the Left Bank Cafe tested positive, those morning conversations came to a halt.

“Life kind of stops when one of you gets sick,” said Paula Matson, owner of the small cafe.

Minnesotans invited to take survey

The Center for Rural Affairs represents all rural citizens—specifically with state and federal policy on farm bill programs, clean energy, water quality, small businesses, health care access, and broadband.

In 2019, the Center expanded work in Minnesota with a dedicated staff member, Molly Malone, in Murray County.

To help us better understand what policy issues Minneostans care about and want us to focus on, we have created a 10-question survey.