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Link to rural development and a renewable future

The United States continues to develop new clean and renewable energy resources to replace aging, carbon-emitting generating facilities. Much of the new renewable energy generation can be found in lightly populated rural areas. These locations often host significant resources for renewable energy generation and provide ample space for new development, especially from wind energy.

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Wind turbines bring dollars to small town Minnesota

Small towns like Lakefield, Minn., provide a great example of how wind energy development can bring in new dollars to a rural community. In 2010, Lakefield had over 100 turbines planned or installed in the area.

The turbines brought new construction jobs to the area and created permanent jobs in the community. Jackson County, where Lakefield is located, also expected about $700,000 annually in tax revenue from area wind turbines.

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240 wind turbines benefit McLean County

Twin Groves consists of 240 turbines, stretches 12 miles east to west, and covers 46,000 acres. The project has a capacity of 398 megawatts, enough to power 120,000 homes.

The wind farm not only generates renewable energy, it also generates money for the landowners. Wind turbines sit on 2.98 acres of one landowner’s family’s farm ground.

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Wind energy revenue devoted to road maintenance

The Mower County (MN) Board of Commissioners recently voted to dedicate revenue from local wind farms to road repairs and maintenance. The payment, likely $330,000 to $500,000 each year for a 10-year period, will contribute significantly toward fixing important infrastructure in the county.

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