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Recent posts by Lucas Nelsen

Infrastructure Is Essential to the Clean Power Plan

Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency released the final version of the Clean Power Plan. It sets ambitious but achievable goals to reduce carbon emissions from energy generators by 2030.

An important aspect is that states have the ability to create their own plan to meet emission targets. Each state can determine how to best meet reduction goals in a way that benefits them.

Zoned Out: Balancing New Energy Development with Citizen Needs

Over the past few years we have seen tremendous growth in the efficiency, effectiveness, and use of wind power. This is especially true in the Midwest.

States have worked hard to take advantage of this valuable renewable resource, steadily increasing the amount of wind power they use to meet their energy demands.

But as wind energy continues to grow rural economies and expand across the Midwest, local citizens ask, how will this affect my community? What are the rules for wind energy development?