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Addressing obesity through school water access

We all know water is essential for life, but the sufficient consumption of water also has long-term health benefits. Increased water consumption has been found to reduce levels of dental decay, positively impact cognition, improve overall eating and physical activity habits, and reduce the risks for obesity.

In Nebraska, where the rate of obesity for high school students and adults both fall in the top quarter of all states, an increase in the consumption of water could help not only waistlines, but the state’s bottom line when it comes to health care costs.

More Than A Smile: An Examination of Rural Dental Health Care in Nebraska

Dental health is essential to overall health. 

Affecting not only physical but mental and emotional well-being, oral health is a critical and complex issue that spans beyond straight teeth and a white smile. While many oral conditions are preventable and treatable if diagnosed early, millions of Americans lack access to preventative services and treatments. These barriers to dental care access are multifaceted, and are often exacerbated for rural residents.

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Implement Medicaid expansion now for the benefit of Nebraskans

On Oct. 29, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will begin hosting public hearings across the state to receive comments on the implementation of Medicaid expansion and the proposed 1115 waiver.

The public is invited to testify and/or submit written comments. Hearings are scheduled for Oct. 29 in Scottsbluff, Oct. 30 in Kearney, Nov. 7 in Norfolk, and Nov. 12 in Omaha.

Beginning Farmer Tax Credit benefits new and retiring farmers

Ask any beginning farmer or rancher about the greatest challenge to starting an operation, and the most common answer is access to land and operational assets.

A program bringing together asset owners and new farmers aims to lessen those barriers.

Through Nebraska’s Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act, administered under the NextGen program title, asset owners can earn state income tax credit each year, for three years, when they rent land or agriculture assets to approved beginning farmers.