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Small business matters in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to 145,000 businesses with five or fewer full time-equivalent employees,  accounting for 86 percent of all enterprises in the state. 

From Omaha to Imperial, approximately 24 percent of Nebraskans are employed by these operations. 

With the Nebraska Legislature expected to resume debate this session on Legislative Bill 720, which would create a new batch of business tax incentives for large employers, a much different conversation is taking place inside the Revenue Committee.  

What about our farmers?

Earlier this year, in the midst of a trade war with China, President Donald Trump announced a $16 billion agriculture bailout, telling Americans, via Twitter, the biggest beneficiaries would be “our great Patriot Farmers.”

Recent news reports, however, indicate foreign companies are getting a substantial amount of the bailout dollars.

Small business tax credit applications due Nov. 1

The most effective and desirable economic development strategy for many rural communities is small entrepreneurship. This is based on locally-owned and owner-operated small businesses. Approximately 24 percent of Nebraskans are employed by these enterprises and 74 percent report a microbusiness as their sole source of income.