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Guest Post: Testimony in Opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline

Today we're featuring a guest post by long time Center supporter Alvin Guenther. Alvin has spent a lot of time analyzing this issue, and it shows below. We'd like to hear about your testimony too. Send a copy to and let us know what you think.



                                                                          September 27, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to give testimony.  My name is Alvin Guenther.  I am a retired Nebraska educator.  My 35 year educational career was at both the secondary and community college level.  My teaching endorsements were in economics, business finance and accounting.  I am currently living on the family farm/ranch raising Hereford/angus crossbred cattle.  I come before you today in opposition to the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline.

Connect the Dots: Transmission and Rural Communities

Modernizing our transmission grid represents a major potential source of job creation. By some estimates, transmission investment in the United States will range from $12 billion to $16 billion annually through 2030.

Every $1 billion of US transmission investment supports approximately 13,000 full-time years of employment. So over a 20-year period, 150,000 to 200,000 full-time years of employment could be created annually simply by updating and expanding our electric grid.

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