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Recent posts by Jerry Terwilliger

Ric Camacho Turned Tough Times into a Successful Business

The year was 2009 and as always, history seemed to repeat itself. This was evident to Ric Camacho Sr; just a year before he was employed by a large construction and mechanical firm. He worked for a company that was now busy eliminating departments and reducing jobs, including his. Ric worked in the mechanical division of the company, leading the plumbing, HVAC and sheet metal fabrication departments. 

Perfect Turning Machine Turns Out Wonderfully

Kathy and Sonny Porter have been involved in the Perfect Turning Machine business for 15 years. Sonny used his hands-on know-how to develop his own components. They are used in land surveying instruments, firearms, and aerospace, along with manufacturing items for other businesses.

Sonny began his business journey in Greeley, Colorado, and then moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Several years ago he purchased a building and moved his machine shop to Kimball, Nebraska.