Diego Ayala
Diego Ayala
Community Organizer Associate
Farm and Community Program

Since 1984, most of my work has been in and around rural communities. I have lived among a number of different settings and cultures—from small towns in Nebraska, to northwest Alaska Native villages, to American Samoa villages in five inhabited islands, and northern Nicaragua. They all share similar attributes and challenges, and living in rural areas gives you a different perspective, as you are able to see, feel, taste, and smell the community.

For me, there is nothing like learning new things, and working with the Center team, in a role as an advocate for rural communities, allows me to increase my working knowledge on different aspects of rural communities. I want to share not only my work experience, but also a number of alternatives with the team in hopes that it will bring additional economic growth and business opportunities to rural Nebraska. I can only compare this type of work to composing a new song—a new chapter in my book of the world, in the key of D.

I am married and have two grown children, two grandchildren, and four furry grandchildren. In my spare time, I enjoy many different activities including camping, fishing, and hiking. I love to read a variety of subjects, everything from sci-fi to research/scientific papers and journals on many topics. I also enjoy music, and have played with several bands in northeast Nebraska, as well as compose my own style of guitar music on classical, steel 6 strings, electric, and the 12-string guitar. The 12 string has become my favorite guitar to strum and to compose new sounds.

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