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Recent posts by Cody Smith

Prairie Strips and Transmission Corridors

With more than 600,000 miles of operational transmission lines throughout the U.S., there is a significant opportunity for investments in conservation. By establishing native vegetation in these project corridors, developers and private landowners can add value to the rights of way used by electric transmission infrastructure.

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As Iowa reels from derecho, some relief available

The derecho storm that hit central and eastern Iowa on Monday, Aug. 10, left a devastating swathe of damage that has residents still reeling. Many people have lost their homes, millions of acres of crops have been destroyed, and tens of thousands are still without power as Iowans work to recover from this storm.

Resource Guide: Native Seed Supply and Seed Mixes for Pollinator-friendly Solar

When planning for a solar project site with native vegetation (including naturalized, non-invasive species), there are several variables site managers should consider. While the clearance between the lowest edge of a solar panel and the ground is a primary consideration when crafting a mix of native seeds for the site, managers should also look at these steps when designing, constructing, and planning their pollinator- friendly solar sites. Some vegetation species in this guide are not native to the Midwest Region, but are still listed because of their value to pollinators, like honeybees.

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Iowa Legislative update - June 23, 2020

This year’s legislative session in Iowa was unprecedented. Taking place in two separate parts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state lawmakers adjourned for the final time this year on June 14. The final action of the Legislature was to pass a mostly status quo budget that closely aligned with last year’s spending levels. While it was an unusual year and several bills we supported were shelved, all progress wasn’t lost.