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Natural-Resource Amenities and Nebraska’s Economy: Current Connections, Challenges and Possibilities

This report examines the possibilities Nebraska and Nebraskans have to build individual, household and community wealth through the use of their natural resource assets. The report was prepared by ECONorthwest of Eugene, Oregon, for a coalition of state agencies, organizations and public officials, including the Center for Rural Affairs.

Download the report below as a pdf.

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Developing a Small Business Network in Nebraska

This report examines the potential for establishing a business network program linking businesses in the metropolitan and trade center cities and small businesses in the most rural areas of Nebraska to enhance economic opportunities and build stronger local economies in rural Nebraska. It was prepared under an award from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

Download the report below as a pdf.

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What’s So Big About Microenterprise?

Microenterprises are businesses with five or fewer employees. At the Center for Rural Affairs, we work every day to ensure that the 2007 farm bill includes the kinds of rural economic development strategies that actually work in rural communities, like investment in microenterprise.

Working Together We Can Do More

Not all farming and ranching communities have the traditional amenities that some touristy communities have such as beaches or mountains, but virtually all of our rural communities have space and often lots of it. Uncrowded natural land is hard to come by and is going to become a more valuable asset for rural communities in years to come.