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Facilitator Guide: How To Build the Rural Community Development Puzzle

In order to conduct a community dialogue, you will need to make it clear to all participants why you are having a meeting. To have a successful session where opinions and thoughts are shared, the leader and/or facilitator must prepare for the meeting to produce conducive dialogue that will provide meaning.

Download a PDF of the complete guide below.

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Conservation and the 2007 Farm Bill

The Conservation Title of the 2007 Farm Bill should focus on rewarding good stewardship of the land by placing a greater emphasis on working lands, communities and fostering a new generation of conservation-minded farmers and ranchers. Although each of us has a moral obligation to leave the land at least as well as we receive it, the public also has an obligation to share in the cost of protecting the land and water on which all of us – current and future generations – rely for survival.

Download the entire proposal below.

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Rural Development Testimony to U.S. Senate

Statement of Chuck Hassebrook, Executive Director of the Center for Rural Affairs of Lyons, Nebraska to the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Rural Development Hearing on February 13, 2007.

The 2007 farm bill presents an opportunity.  Small scale entrepreneurship is a proven strategy to revitalize rural communities.    It can create genuine opportunity across rural America with the support of a modest investment by the federal government.

Strengthening America's Communities Initiative: Weakening Rural Communities

The major economic and community development policy initiative in the President’s FY2006 budget is the Strengthening America’s Communities Initiative (SACI). The SACI proposal would eliminate 18 economic and community programs and consolidate their activities into the new SACI program. The President’s proposal also would also cut funding from $5.6 billion for the 18 programs to $3.7 billion for SACI, 65 percent of the current funding for the programs targeted for elimination and consolidation.

Download the report below as a pdf.

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